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Post by TrapMania on Sat Sep 05, 2015 9:19 pm

Hi guys! My name is Laurentiu (Lawrence), 40 years old Very Happy and Im from Bucharest/Romania.
Im a simple man , working hard day and night (Technical department on Singulus DVD/CD replication automatic lines)
So... job/family/ and remain shortly time for my hobbies, and one of them is MUSIC.
My first love when I was a kid: Hip Hop Smile Good times (NWA,RUN DMC, Public Enemy, 2 Live Crew, LL Cool J e.t.c.)
After years my second love EDM Music Industry, was bigger and bigger, lots of genres and... BOOM !!! Trap Music , Hip Hop and EDM together, what could be great ? was awesome for me.
That BASS ! OMG , that drops, so... I started to promote myself this kind of music exactly 4 mounths ago Smile
A bit knowledge of AE+PS , a blog and continuous activity on soundcloud + a good submmision form (to make sure there is no copyright claim) enough to have 1 track/day to upload from young producers and not only.

Why Im here ?
To be honest, I need to improve myself, to learn from you guys, to help and be helped, to spread the word about what insainly awesome is my Trap Mania Youtube Music Channel :p

My goal is to publish high quality TRAP MUSIC and to promote good PRODUCERS, to make Trap Mania a good brand, a good record label.
This is real passion for music, and why a few years can make some money Smile

PS. I like Bodybuilding :p not for big muscle but keeps me healthy. This mounth I reached 40 but my colleagues and friends give me 30.
Do some sport sometimes ! to stay in front of PC to long is bad for spine :p

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